About me

Hello, I am Katrina King, mother of two beautiful girls, wife, daughter, friend and yoga teacher. 

I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years now the journey to teaching began 21 years ago whilst working in the music industry, whilst being a fun industry to work in I soon got burnt out and yoga was there to save me, just has it has done many times over in my life. I believe all yoga is a therapy (whatever your need or ability). 

My ever changing yoga practise has seen me through endometriosis, fertility problems, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, weight problems, thyroid and grieving. It is my lifeline & I want to share this magic with you. 


My offerings to you are authentic from the heart yoga classes for women only. 

My style of teaching is an eclectic mix of Kundalini yoga (taught to me by Maya Fiennes), Hatha yoga, Dynamic Flow, Expect Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mudra, Chanting, Kundadance (ecstatic dance) but most of all to laugh have fun, to be made most welcome. 

My Loveuyoga method serves the women in all areas from fertility, loss, conception, pregnancy to post menopause. 

I work closely with pregnant ladies offering my services as a Doula (Women’s servant) This can range from just a little help with birth prepartion to a full on call Birth Doula with postnatal support. Please contact me Kat 07989411002 for your very own bespoke package.

I also offer Hypnobirthing packages on a 1-2-1 basis.