Finally Maximilian Dennis Tharratt 8.11lbs decided to make an appearance on 1st April. 10days over due after 36hr labour with just gas & air in birthing pool. Was tough but a perfect birthing experience & although I did attend the Hypnobirthing classes I 100% believe your yoga sessions helped me stay calm in the build up to labour, during a long labour & my breathing I definitely perfected in your classes & was essential in labour. The midwives, my partner even I couldn’t believe I got to 7cm at home calmly (although it was tough)up & I just had a lovely birth & a beautiful son. I would recommend any Mum to be doing your classes especially if they want to Hypnobirth. Thanks so much & will see you at baby yoga classes very soon! long may you continue to give mummy’s to be the power to believe they can have an amazing birth! Constance, James & Maximilian x

Yoga Kats is definitely one of the best things I have signed my children up for, it teaches them self control, keeps them fit and helps develop their social skills without them even realising as they are simply having too much fun! My four year old has been doing it for over a year and as well as lovjng the class she has made some lovely new friends, my youngest is just about too become a yoga kitten and they are so enthusiastic about yoga that even I have signed up! We are now a fully fledged Yogi family all we need now is for my husband to join! Without a doubt everyone should at least try yoga Kats/kittens I guarantee you will fall in love with it just as much as we have, it really will change your way of life!

Paula M (mum of 2)


Yoga Kat is somewhat of a celebrity in our household!! My eldest daughter Iris loved her Yoga Kitten class (as did I-parents join in!).. A story filled class full of fun and creative expression …. i felt like it was a real chance for her to physically express herself, We are Yoga Kat geeks as have done Yoga Kittens, Pregnancy classes and Mother&baby class… Kat makes all her classes so inclusive and friendly too.. She looks after her Mothers and babies and Kittens with a genuine warmth& kindness.. Has inspirational parenting books floating around, cups of tea, and a sisterhood spirit to her classes that is a rare treat and impossible to beat.

Laura T (mum of 2)


Kat is an inspiration to the children she teaches (as well as the parents!) She is calm, patient, humorous and very in tune with the emotions of the children within the class. Kat introduces the spiritual and karmic elements of yoga in a way that is accessible and fun. My daughter summed it up the other day when she said she loves yoga kats because it is ‘so much fun and Kat helps me be a kind person’. Magical.

Kate K (mum of 1)


Kat is a nurturing, patient and fun teacher. She inspires adults and kids to explore their world through yoga and create a spiritual and calming balance from within. In my opinion yoga is Kat.

Nina W (mum of 1)


I am happy to tell you that I gave birth to our little baby girl on the 1st of May. We are all happy and well and where out of hospital the next day.

We had a pool birth and where able to get through it all without any other pain relief than gas and air. The breathing techniques you tought us helped a lot during the early stages of labour. Anabel was 3.6kg (8lbs 1oz).

Susanne J (mum of 1)


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