Baby yoga & massage

Beautiful baby is here! Well done.

Baby massage classes are such a lovely way to start getting out and about with your new baby.

During this systematic 6 week course you will be tough how to massage baby helping aliments such as reflux and colic. In our midwife led program at Bababoom we use traditional techniques from Indian and Swedish traditions alongside reflexology and an introduction to Baby yoga.

You will receive oils and and a step by step e-booklet guide to use at home. Baby massage is such a lovely and important interaction with baby whilst helping to aid your babies natural development.

What to expect in class:

The classes at Bababoom Boutique Studio are a max of 8 parent / carer & baby. 

Please bring with you all your baby essentials and a towel / blanket for baby. 

This is a baby led class so please do not worry if your baby cries, one week it’ll be your baby and next week someone else’s, we are all in it together! You can fed, change baby whenever you need to. 


Mother & Baby yoga is a great follow on class from Baby massage. This class is suitable from 6 weeks (12 for c birth) this class is a great way to start to get some movement back into the body.

The class is a mix of you for baby and yoga for you. We use co-ordination sequences for babies brain and co-ordination development, gain control over they bodies, help to regulate sleeping patterns and aid digestion. We use playful movements to nursery rhymes to help baby develop a sense of rhythm, promote tummy time and the use of holds and swings creates a secure bond between mother and baby.

Breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, gentle yoga flows which progress each week as the body gets stronger all leading into a well deserved guided relaxation during which time you can either feed or just be with baby. 

1-2-1 sessions can be arranged as well as private groups. 

Twins are welcome, I can either massage one baby or please arrange with Bababoom.

To book either contact Bababoom directly 02031740418 or click here to email me