I have been attending classes at the new yoga studio BYE, now for anyone who knows me well I cannot stand the heat, to be hot or too sweat, so all in all it wasn’t looking good.  The BYE studio itself is amazing, beautifully laid out, MRSA protection floor, showers, a mat cleaning machine in fact everything the perfect modern studio should have but with that said it has heat of 40 degrees which for me was its only downfall 😉

For the 1st class my friend & I could only find space at the front (EEK!) usually only for bikram pro’s & yoga bunnies, both I am not.

The heat is soo intense I wasn’t sure how long i would last. The main focus of the class is you, you must look at yourself in the mirror & maintain eye contact. I found this so hard to look at myself for so long. The teacher explains the 26 postures ( inc 2 breathing pranayamas)

You need to listen, focus and meditate., at this point I started to notice the similarities between this & my kundalini yoga practice. In Kundalini we use active meditations to help break through to the central nervous system, breaking down blockages and removing obstacles. I was beginning to see what all the bikram fans were raving about. I won’t lie, the last 15 minutes of the 90 minute practice are hellish but the elation of completing the practice is amazing. The teachers are encouraging, never demanding, allowing you to rest if you need to, willing you to stay in the room and overcome your fear and overcome the mind – this resonates so much in my own practice. Richard, one of the teachers explained that before bikram he was so fearful in life and now each time he practices bikram it’s different, each time he finds something new – its all an enquiry, a practice & I love this style of teaching.

I have done a few classes now and I am coping with the heat, I have had a few headaches due to not drinking enough before hand but my skin does feel great and i have lost a few pounds (always a bonus 😉 I am drinking lots more water and not drinking so much coffee, I am aware of not re-toxing my body.

so my final words on Bikram yoga is the practice is so much deeper that i had given it credit for, I cannot say it’ll overtake my beloved Kundalini as I love mantra & sitting down a lot 😉  but if yoga is to bring together the union of the body & mind you will get this from a bikram practice and if BYE starts people off on their yoga journey then I wish them all the best traveling through. My verdict is still out on Bikram the man so no comment there 😉

BYE has a massive community spirit and the studio has actually been one of the least intimidating yoga studios I have been too, almost like a camaraderie ‘we’re in this together vibe’ The classes are a mix of all different shapes and sizes and everyone is made to feel welcome. The staff and teachers are approachable and friendly, you really feel that you are welcome into this community and after all isn’t that what yoga is all about? Sat Nam Kat x