In a recent newspaper article (The Daily PANIC mail) it stated that this new generation of girls are entering into puberty alot earlier (even as young as six!) due to them being overweight. I think this may certainly be a factor but I also believe that the tap water we drink and give our children is full of toxins and medication residue such as the contraceptive pill. The milk we drink and the meat we eat is full of hormones, we should all ideally be eating organically but this can be difficult if you have a family to feed on a budget.

So what else can we do? YOGA of course! If we get¬†children to practice a Salute to the sun sequence daily we can delay the onset of puberty by up to three years. Candle gazing (Kids are fidgits so Good luck ūüėȬ†is also a great meditation to help focus the mind on the this eye area where the pineal gland is stored. This pea size gland secretes large amounts of melatonin which inhibits sexual development so by concentrating on this area even for one minute a day to begin with¬†will help delay puberty, it will also help them have a¬†nice nights sleep so is¬†great to do before bed. If the candle gazing seems to hippie then try reading a relaxing story and get them to focus on a bright indigo colour in the middle of the eyebrows, kids love colours so the chakras are ideal. Young girls do not have the mental emotional stability to cope with these powerful hormonal drives, so the ”slamming of doors, and I hate you I wish I had never been born” tantrums really may not be thier fault!¬† I will post the Salute to the sun sequence that you can get your child to do, as demonstrated by my very own YogaKat Grace.

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Start with Hello sun! stretch up high

Hello toes, try to touch toes.

Step one leg back into proud horse, Neigh!

both feet back, look at knees into Dog pose, woof!

down onto your belly into Cobra pose, Hiss!

back into dog, other leg forward into proud horse, Back to hello toes, stretch up into hello Sun! repeat x

Sat Nam xx