DOULA services

Doula – A woman employed to provide guidance and support to a mother during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As your Doula, I will be there to hold space for you. I will be there to hold your hand guide your through your breathing and offer you and your partner support when you need it. I will fade into the background never overshadowing the role of your chosen birth partner. I will be there to guide them , nudge them of how they can support you, serving you both however I can. 

I am not there as a medical professional, and do not take on a clinical role or give you medical advice but I can support you to make your own informed choice and be your voice to pass on your wishes. 

There are many different ways I can support you as a Doula, This could be simply by being Antenatal support, helping you with your birth plan, what to pack in your bag, attending appointments with you, Yoga sessions & Breath work with Hypnobirthing or to Full Birth on call doula with Postnatal support for the 4th trimester.

Please do contact me so we can have chat to see what would suit you best. 

Please contact me to book or for more information:

Kat 07989411002 or click here to email me