To say I have been busy over the past few weeks/months would be an understatement.. What with special visitors from Sweaty Betty attending my classes, new mother & baby classes and of course my general day to day busy life:-) life is all good though.
I have recently completed my dynamic yoga teacher training at Blue Cow yoga with Godfri Devereux. Blue cow yoga is everything you’d want an ideal yoga studio to be, we all pretend we love the damp cold dusty church halls but lets be honest most of us really do love having a warm clean space with fluffy towels and free tea! I was very nervous, being surrounded by other teachers, all ready sat meditating before Godfri arrived.. I on the other hand couldn’t sit still largely due to the large Starbucks I’d had to combat the sleepless night caused by an 18 month old cheeky monkey 😉
Once Godfri arrived I tried to relax, he is a little intimidating but in a good way, only because he knows so much. He asked us if we felt safe and secure, i didn’t but didn’t tell him as i was too scared..Just don’t mention the word Ego.. He doesn’t like it, I made that mistake in the last workshop I went too!
One of the questions he asked was who are we? Only if we know who we are can we be ready to teach yoga efficiently. His words were very penetrating and I have been pondering this ever since. I think I know who I am, what about you? Really, have a deep think.. It might lead you somewhere you didn’t expect. Sat Nam Kat xx