The new year is rolling along as fast as ever, my classes are lovely and busy (for which I am always grateful) but I am finding it harder to find space for myself. My new resolutions this year were to make this a family year and to nurture my self a bit more.

2013 had been quite a demanding year on my health, being diagnosed with a condition which means daily medication was very stressful and upsetting so I have promised myself to be nice to me! My yoga practise has always been my solace but when your hobby becomes your way of earning a living I find it hard to self practise sometimes without running through how it would make a good class plan or which student would love a certain kriya.

I have recently been very inspired by the wonderful Emma Mills, her daily updates are so uplifting and her dreamy poetry really gets my creative mind flowing if you haven’t already I suggest you sign up to her updates With her influence I have decided to meditate more, daily infact. I have signed up to dru yoga meditation course, it is a course set over 10 months and each month it takes you step by step how to meditate daily..I have only just started so I’d love to have some partners to join me? We can sit in silence together lol!

With regards to diet (I don’t) but I do want to eat healthier, Jodie @yoga-vibe has detox retreats running over the next few months. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram as she has been posting some amazing healthy nom noms.. they are going to be in my belly soon. I have also started juicing which I love, but it confuses me as I read recently that too much juice is bad for you!? I really need help in that department as I find healthy eating so confusing…if anyone has any info for me that would be great.. I also eat whilst doing the juicing plan which isn’t the way to do it! 😉 I am fast tracking my health plan by booking in for a colonic with Ellie Spratt I’ve had one before and although you do feel a bit ‘tampered with’ it s quite a nice feeling to lose the bloat!

So I hope January is treating everyone well, look out for new exciting things come with myself & Karen at yoga-flower.. It’s going to be great! Xx

Love love love Sat Nam Kat Xx