Hi – welcome to my first actual Blog! Who knew, right?

Anyway here are the rules of reading my blog.. I don’t have an English degree so please don’t slate me for spelling and Grammar , I am trying my best! I do have a posh friend called Kathleen who is very clever and I will ask to amend if necessary 😉

Hope you enjoy it, if you do please leave me a comment as would love to hear from you. Namaste. Xx


SO what has taken me so long to actually get going and write my blog, start my own classes? One word FEAR.

Fear of getting it wrong, fear of failing, fear of being laughed at or making mistakes.

However this year I have decided enough is enough and I am actually going to start doing the things that I want to do.

Fear can be crippling and stop us from pursuing all the great things that life has to offer. Worrying about what others will think often holds us back, when you start to change or try something new it is often very scary for those who are closest to you as well.

Allowing these blocks to stay in place we are limiting ourselves from our true potential. Perhaps by holding on to the FEAR we can hold on to our same old excuses or blame others around you for ‘holding’ you back..if it wasn’t for this or that I could have been such and such

I read a very interesting article recently on weight loss, it said that subconsciously people hold onto their excess weight as a safety blanket or they lose weight and put it all back on plus an extra duvet, The reason is often when one is overweight they use excuses to stop themselves progressing ‘ If I was slim I could get a promotion’ ‘If I was slim I would have a better relationship’ ‘I would join a drama class or art whatever’ so when they actually lose weight they have no more excuses and have to start being that person they always said they would be’ It can be very scary for some people and the FEAR sets in..hence the weight gain.

Anyway I am digressing…FEAR can also be seen in a positive way, we need to be fearful of certain situations or we would all be J walking down Loughton High road in last seasons clothes or shock horror even a charity shop (joke ;-)) and I can safely say that my FEAR has stopped me doing a bungee jump or anything stupid so for that I am grateful.

I am using a particular Kundalini Kriya to help me over come my FEAR, if you use it daily for 40 days it will help unblock your potential, lift emotional baggage from your past and enable you to move on with a clear and positive mind. (and on the physical tone your arms!)

Sit in Easy pose (legs crossed) with your hand in a Lotus Mudra ( pinkies touching, thumbs touching and palm bases) inhale and push out arms to the sides, exhale bringing them back to the lotus mudra banging the bases, on the inhale silently say the mantra SAT and on exhale Nam ( Sat Nam) Truth is my name. Repeat for at least 2 minutes but continue for up to 10 minutes. Focus on the Third eye area (centre of your eyebrows)..you will get to a point where your arms will go ‘ ahh it kills, it kills,’ this is good it means you are pushing through your blockages keep going! Shake your arms after and sit in easy pose and relax.

Enjoy – it’s ace. X