I was really sad today to hear of the mother who smothered her two children yesterday in Wandsworth. The mother of a new born and toddler tried to also slit her own wrists. Poor soul, this news has made me hug my two tighter but also really think how many other mothers are out there, on the outside seeming to have it all but are really hiding behind a face of make up and luxury gym membership. How many other mothers are under so much pressure to ‘lose the baby weight in 6 weeks’, cook healthy home made meals from scratch, bake cakes, sew like Cath Kidston, have a perfect tidy home, teach your children to excel in everything!, oh and work too! Motherhood is such a wonderful gift, why are we not allowed to do that, just be mothers.. Allowed to look like shit for 6 months, nurture them and rest? Why don’t we as other women look out for each other and keep an eye on those who we may think maybe struggling. Perhaps, I don’t know.. Maybe if someone looked deep into that poor woman’s eyes they may of seen her desperate cry for help. Much love Kat xxx