I have always admired a risk taker, a person who has the guts to go out there and do/get what they want (as long as it is not hurting anyone of course! Lol) I had lunch with a great friend of mine last week, David Blackman (who is/was my boss) we have been friends for a long while, we met whilst both working for Guy Davis (also great boss!) at Hiltongrove multimedia. Guy decided to sell Hilton grove and gave Dave the opportunity to buy the mastering studio. Now up to this point Dave had been in a nice comfy zone with a young family to support but he was given a golden chance and it was now or never. He took the risk and he had no choice but to make it work. I can honestly say that I had the best time ever working for Dave (especially during the Matt Pople years) Dave said to me “you will never be remembered for the things you didn’t do” too true.
My best friends also took a massive risk, leaving everything behind to move to America, instead of wondering what if’s or buts they went for it and tried, they didn’t like it but at least they can say they did it* Unlike many of us too scared to make a wrong turn or divert from the set out path of steady job, buy house and grow old. So this blog is dedicated to them and all the (sensible;-) risk takers, anyone who runs their own business, and especially those who drop the rat race to move abroad! Big up x
* but if they do it again they are ditched 😉

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