Last week my eldest daughter Grace started reception school, and what an emotional week it was 🙂 sometimes I wonder how people who don’t practise yoga cope! I needed to pull all my yogic tricks out of the bag to stay balanced. (as well as a few tearful phone calls to mum!)

The main practise I used was breathe work.. How many times do we really stop and check our breathing? Do it now, stop and take a deep breath inhale deeply and exhale slowly, how do you feel? Instantly better I am sure. Shallow breathing really zaps our energy,stops us thinking clearly and can make us stressed. I have been using alternate nostril breathing , nadi sodhana as well as kundalini active meditations… They always do the trick!

As well as Grace’s exciting week, I have also got some exciting new classes up and running. I am teaching my mother and baby classes in beautiful surroundings at Debden House camp site (inbetween Loughton & Theydon Bois) the class is full and it is such a joy to see all the lovely babies (and mums of course!)
This Wednesday and up until January 2013, I am covering for Jodie at Yoga Vibe whilst she is on maternity leave at Air studio, South Woodford. My classes are still going string at Zen Studio Loughton and always a pleasure to be able to share the pregnancy journey with my ladies.

My yoga Kats and kittens all started back last week, I have missed them all so much.. I had a few tired ones this week as they are all getting back into school or nursery routines 🙂

I now have yoga Kats T shirts on sale at £10.00 each, I will be wearing mine on Saturday 🙂

Finally before I sign off I am happy to say my 15 month old Beatrix is so proud of her Hello sun! Hello toes! She shows us every morning 🙂 Sat Nam love love love xxx