A regular yoga practice during pregnancy provides students with a clear and positive outlook on life.  has everything a mother to be needs to remain healthy and supple. Yoga can enhance the journey in many amazing ways such as helping to make a connection between mother and baby, giving them time together in an otherwise hectic lifestyle, Just by having 10 minutes per day with her baby in the womb and remembering what a blessing is happening to her right now.  In pregnancy spinal alignment is essential as the pelvic region is moving and stretching, yoga postures will help to free the  lower back of pain and help to avoid dreaded sciatica. The spine and joints can become congested and stiff so yoga will help to keep these flexible and free from inflammation. Constipation can also be a problem for mums to be so by massaging the internal organs gently through practice, elimination is maintained regularly!

Many pregnant students are anxious and some maybe very frightened or even depressed about the changes happening to them, the birth or being a new mother, Yoga breathing techniques will teach them how to work with their breath and use it to calm stressful situations or thoughts. Pranayama breathing can be used to aid a restful nights sleep and increase lost energy levels as well as being used to help in labour or even push the baby out!

In my classes I teach my ladies mantras and active meditations. As we are concentating on our Kundalini meditations were are taking our mind away from what is actually happening, we are aware but also in control of our minds. I teach them to listen to their hearts, which will always give them the truth and encourage them that they can do it, they will manage labour and be a great mum..not listen to the chatterbox mind giving you if’s and buts!

So allow yourself time each day for yor yoga practise… Your baby will thank you x Love & light Kat xx