I have just completed an intense teacher training course through yoga campus with the amazing Uma Dinsmore -Tuli www.yonishakti.co.The well woman course has confirmed my direction of teaching, my style has always gravitated towards restorative and yoga for healing but this course has given me the confidence and restored my faith in my traditional roots. After almost 17 years and many styles of yoga it is easy to get lost, lose your way, your insight of why you started your journey, the well woman course focuses on the womb and the heart, covering many areas such as endometriosis, fibroids, postnatal, prolapse & menopause, it helped me reconnect to why I started this never ending journey.
Uma states in her book ‘mothers breath’ that her teachings are not diluted or ‘ derived from yoga ‘ they are the real thing, made accessible for all her students… And they certainly are.
Over the five intense days we had the privilege of being welcomed into the amazing Buddhist centre in bermondsey www.london.samye.org. The first couple of days for me were hard, I was stressing about the girls and if they were ok, the money I had spent on the course, the pressure for it to be the ‘ right course’ was high, and meeting new people. I found it really hard to relax and let go. . We learnt about being disconnected with our menstrual cycles and how to start to pay attention to our bodies again, and that we should rest during our bleeding not be pressured into sky diving or roller skating *uck you body form!
Uma led us through several yoga nidra’s each one slowly chipping away at my stress, my pent up emotions all stored away manifesting as a sore shoulder or bad period pain.. All coming neatly to a massive emotional crisis on Sunday following the majestic Francis Lewis speaking about menopause www.franceslewis.co.uk – such a inspiring and amazing lady and such a honour to hear her story. One thing that was said on that Sunday will always strike a cord with me and that was ‘ it’s ok to get to the edge of things and surf our vulnerability, serve what needs to be served. My crisis was that I needed to rest more, I am tired. Everyone there that day seemed to have there own personal crisis to cope with…tears are good.. My beautiful girls and husband came to collect me as a surprise not even knowing how much I needed them that day.
Monday comes and answers my original grumble ‘ why can’ t the course just finish on Sunday’ – nobody wants it to end, it’s been amazing. On this last day we are able to put everything together and how we are going to move forward with our new skills, after these beautiful five days I am no longer searching, second guessing, Uma has brought me ‘ home’ as she says in the yoga nidra’s ‘home’ to myself and happy to be the eclectic type of yoga teacher that I am. I view my students as individuals, to serve them and tailor a practise that suits them, In my class one size does not fit all, I want my students to all feel welcomed,nurtured, heard and understood.
I have noticed such a shift since we have moved into an Aquarian age, More people are becoming interested in seeking from the universe, spirituality, and yoga of course! people are having to buy silence how crazy is that? We need to pay for peace at retreats and spa days because modern technology doesn’t let up, many people feel broken..but it’s ok to be broken as we can allow the light to shine through.
So as we draw near to the end of 2013, I have sweated it out in Bikram Bikramand www.yoga-flower.co.ukashtanga ashtanga’d! And of course kundalini but whatever style suits you make sure in 2014 you try yoga if you are not already..practise it, live it and it will give you time not take it.. See for yourself. Sat Nam Kat xxxx