“The child has its own laws of growth and if we want to help him grow we must follow him instead of imposing ourselves on him” Maria Montessori.

  • Why should your child practise yoga?

I believe if we teach yoga to children from a young age it will imprint itself into their everyday life, by teaching a child yoga you are not only teaching them to look after themselves physically but also mentally. YogaKats teaches children how to respect their bodies, be kind and respectful to others, to listen and enjoy learning, to control their tempers and live life in a truthful way – is that not what society needs this next generation to be? If Yoga was to be taught in every school I think we can all look forward to a better future.

  • What to expect in a YogaKats class

The class will last for approx 35 minutes. The class starts always with a brief talk on safety and philosophy of yoga. We would warm up with a song and Salute to the sun sequence. Each lesson will include an exciting adventure for the children to really open their minds and be free.
Special breathing techniques are taught in order to free mental and creative energy, improve the child’s self confidence, self awareness and lung capacity.
We would end the class with some fun games before a yummy relaxation helping them to withdraw from the external environment thus reduces the stress of daily life, materialistic extravagances and still a turbulent mind.

So the question really should be – why wouldn’t you want your child to do yoga? x

“Children should be allowed to visualise, fantasize, and operate their minds in complete freedom” Bihar School of Yoga.

Sat Nam Kat x

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