Yoga Kats

In these fun packed yoga classes we are teaching children how to respect their bodies, be kind and respectful to others, to listen and enjoy learning, control tempers and live life in a truthful way. Teaching your child yoga from an early age will encourage them to not only look after themselves physically but also mentally. 

During the class we always start with a sun salutation warm up, and exciting adventure, craft, or interactive game where your child can really open their minds, use imagination to be free and creative. We use special breathing techniques improving your childs lung capacity, self awareness and confidence. We end each class with a lovely relaxation helping them to withdraw from the ever increasing pressures of daily life, social media, school & peer pressure.

The class lasts for approx 40 minutes.

Would you like to teach children’s yoga? If you’d like to become a Yoga Kats teacher contact me for more details and up and coming teacher training.

Kat 07989411002 or click here to email me